About Us

A.R.D. Culinary Concepts, Inc is a culinary consulting company created in September, 1993. We specialize in the creation of educational tools, kitchen, and food and beverage facilities design, and menu development.

Our professional expertise in the culinary industry includes the contributions of our professional chef consultants whom have received many national and international culinary awards including winning 7 gold medals at the prestigious International Culinary Olympics in 2004, 2000, 1992 and 1988 (including winning a perfect score in 1988 Culinary Olympics), World Cup Championship ( 1990  National Culinary Team USA ),  numerous national competitions,  Prestigious national Chef Professionalism Award from American Culinary Federation, Academy of Chefs Good Taste Award and National Pork board Superior Chef Award. Our senior chef consultant is the current manager for ACF 2012 Culinary Youth Team USA and has coached three junior culinary teams, from three different states, to the national championship titles at their first time appearances in the culinary competition arena.

 Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional  information about our products and services or if you  require further assistance.