Ordering information:

  1. You can order online with any major credit card. Select the appropriate product from the menu, then the quantity discount. You can then add that product to your cart and indicate the number of units you are purchasing. Make sure your number of units is consistent with your selection or your order could be delayed.
  2. Shipping is via Priority Mail
  3. You may order offline by printing and filling out our Offline Order Sheet* and faxing back to us. You may make payments via:
    • PERSONAL CHECKS: Offline orders can be paid by check or money order (no minimums). Please allow 2-3 weeks for personal checks to clear.
    • PURCHASE ORDERS.  Fax purchase order along with order form. (MINIMUM $75 PURCHASE for purchase orders)
    • CREDIT CARD: Please indicate card number, expiration date, security code and card billing address. Fax this information with the order form.
  4. When making offline purchase be sure to include shipping charges or your order will not be placed. You must select shipping charges indicated during online purchases for you payment to be processed.
  5. All orders are processed on Sundays of each week and shipped-out the following Monday morning via US First Class Mail. Please allow additional 3 to 5 days for your product to arrive.
  6. Be sure to ask (preferably via e-mail) about product availability for large orders and allow additional time for processing. We do not keep a large inventory on hand and manual product assembly takes a considerable amount of time.

Orders are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Products will be free of defects and in excellent condition.


Returns are at the discretion of ARD Culinary, Inc  and all returns require an RMA# (Return Merchant Authorization).

If something is broken, please notify us immediately (or within 4 days after receipt) for return authorization, and we will gladly replace the unit(s) for you.

We will gladly refund your money (minus the shipping and handling) if you decide to return the unit(s) within four (4) days of receipt of merchandise. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Clicking on quantity will take you directly to purchase page.  If you are ordering model I or model II wanting just one kit (unit) you will order under quantity 1-24 or 1-14.  Model IV has a price listed for ordering just 1 unit.  The discounted prices are given when you order in large quantities.



 ARD Culinary Knife Cuts 101
3D Visual Model Set I

Quantity Price Per Unit
1-24 $ 11.00
25-49 $ 10.75
50-99 $ 10.50
100-149 $ 10.00
150-499 $ 9.50
500-999 $ 9.00
1000+ Contact Us



 ARD Culinary Classic Knife Cuts
3D Visual Model Set II

Quantity Price Per Unit
1-14 $ 16.25
15-24 $ 15.25
25-49 $ 13.25
50-99 $ 13.00
100-149 $ 12.00
140-499 $ 11.50
500-999 $  9.75
1000+ Contact Us



ARD Culinary Classic Knife Cuts
3D Visual Model Set IV

Quantity Price Per Unit
1 $ 18.25
2-14 $ 16.75
15-24 $ 16.25
25-49 $ 14.25
50-99 $ 14.00
100-149 $ 13.00
150-499 $ 12.50
500-999 $ 11.50
1000+ Contact Us
 ARD CulinaryChef's Ruler
Quantity Price Per Unit
1-24 $ 7.25
25-99 $ 7.05
100+ $ 6.25

ARD Culinary Mini  Chefs Ruler
Quantity Price Per Unit
1-24 $ 8.00
25-99 $ 7.00
100-199 $ 6.00
> 200 $ 6.00




We only ship orders from our location ONCE PER
WEEK. This may present a slight delay to those
placing orders on days that we don't ship.

For Shipping Costs - CLICK HERE

Priority Mail Shipping Chart
Quantity Ordered Price Per Unit
1 $ 5.60
2-3 $ 3.50
4-8 $ 2.75
9-14 $ 2.25
15-49 $ 1.75
50 and up $ 1.50








*Our order form is delivered as an Adobe Acrobat File. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it for FREE. Click the "get Acrobat Reader" image below.